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Cooler Weather considerations:

What needs to be worn under a solid sweater?   This is a good question that I have gotten twice this week.  The collar of a polo, oxford or turtleneck (short or long sleeved) should be visible under the sweater.

Are students wearing the uniforms on the first day of school? Will it be picture day?
Yes.  We are wearing the uniforms on the first day.  No.  It will not be picture day.

Do sneakers need to be solid blue, brown, navy or white?
No.  Any color sneaker is fine.

Can I buy an item, such as a solid navy polo, from a non-uniform supplier?
All clothing should match both the color and style of one of the uniform suppliers.  If you can find a great deal on solid navy polos at a different store, go for it!  Be sure that the shirt does not have a logo such as the Izod alligator since uniforms do not carry logos.

What does a girl's oxford/blouse look like in the uniform line?
You can see a variety of styles when you browse the uniform sites.  Here is the girl's blouse from Old Navy.   I have noticed that there is quite a wide variety for the young girls...  too many to post here.  Check the "Links" tab above.

May students wear CCA hoodies on Fridays?
Yes.  Although items purchased in the uniform line cannot be hooded, Friday's are a day for CCA apparel and khaki/navy pants.

Will the teachers be wearing uniforms?
No.  They are in business casual.

Will the uniform be enforced?
Yes.  All of us (students, teachers, and families) are committing to making this a success when we register/sign our contract with CCA this year.  It is a joint effort.  Our primary goals of spiritual growth and education will be upheld because of the commitment shown by all members of our CCA family.

Can we wear anything other than polos or rugby shirts?
Yes.  If you are looking for another style, there are a number of button down shirt/sweater options.  I would recommend exploring the sites on the "links" tab above.

My kids have khaki pants that I bought at Old Navy last year.  Do you think they will work for the uniform?
There are many styles of pants available through uniform suppliers and it is likely that you bought something that works.  You will need to check.  I will include a link to the Land's End and Kohl's pants here as they have the widest variety. 
Here are the Old Navy pants to ease your way:

Some girls' uniform shirts are white with navy bows.  Does the uniform require the tops to be completely solid?
Yes, shirts/sweaters should be completely solid white or navy.

Belts and socks are not mentioned in the uniform code.  Is there a color/style for these?
No.   There are no guidelines for belts or socks as long as they are appropriate. (Underlined because the question has been asked a few times and I want to help people find the question.)

Gap has cargo shorts in its uniform line.  Are khaki cargo shorts OK for the uniform?
Yes :)  The uniform cargo shorts from gap are a good choice.  Something to note is that not all cargo pants/shorts styles sold by non-uniform venders will match the style of the uniform version.  Purchasing from the uniform line or double checking the style will ensure we are still following the uniform policy.

The policy states that the clothing worn is to be from a uniform line. I see here that when the style and color match the uniform line... the clothing can be purchased from a non-uniform vendor. Please clarify.
The purpose of the uniform is to bring clarity to the dress code and to allow us to focus on our mission.  Some of the clothing items  in the uniform line are simple such as navy or white polo shirts.  These same style/colored items can be found in the non-uniform line clothing stores.  It is our goal to give families flexibility in this area.

Is any collared shirt in solid navy or white OK?
Collared shirts should be limited to those found in the uniform lines.  This will normally mean a polo or oxford/blouse, covered by one of the sweater options when desired.  Turtlenecks are fine. There are some other shirt options for little girls, but still solid (no colored bows or trim).

Can boots be worn?

Can girls wear leggings or tights with their uniform skirts in the winter?
Yes.  Leggings (no foot, thicker fabric) and tights (footed) can both be worn.  The color should be khaki, black, white, navy or (in the case of nylons) flesh-toned.

Are they allowed to wear open-toed sandals with a backstrap? Also, the sneakers...can they be pink, red or sparkly? Can their socks have designs all over them? Can their belts be sparkly or bright colors? (Underlining is to help parents that are searching for this topic.)
First the socks and belts...  Choose something fun!  Sparkles or bright colors are fine.  I can see where the confusion comes with the shoes.   Open-toed sandals are fine as long as there is a backstrap.  In the case of "high" heals, be sure the heal is 2 inches or less in height and the toe is closed.

Can uniform polo dresses be worn?

Yes. These should be worn with bike pants underneath just like the khaki skirt is.  Note: If the outfit is two piece, the skirt should be khaki. (I am sorry for not getting this question up earlier. I missed it.)

Are the lighter blue oxford shirts available in the Old Navy and gap uniform lines acceptable? I have not seen any oxfords in navy.
We will only be wearing the navy blue or white oxfords.  The only place that my family found the navy oxfords was at Old Navy and I see that they are now sold out online.  Here is the link to a men's size I found at Kohls (If the shirt at Old Navy comes back it was boys size):  http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-1730181/apt-9-slim-fit-spread-collar-dress-shirt.jsp

Have we considered using navy blue plants as an option?  They are easier to keep clean.
Yes.  When we plan for a new year, this option will be considered.


  1. Good morning,
    We are considering CCA for our son next year, and we were wondering if the school logo is available on Lands End or French Toast uniform suppliers to be embroidered on polos or sweaters?? I cannot seem to find the school listed on these sites and was wondering if this was an option. If not, then where would new students/parents purchase CCA logo clothing?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello,
      Our uniforms are without any logo. We do sell school apparel with the logo during the school year but it is not available online at this time. Many students buy their uniforms from Gap or Old Navy online.


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